Class Information

RMGO Life Members:

Our training classes are free to RMGO Life Members. If you’d like to become one, you can do so here.

Live Fire:

This class does not contain a live-fire component. Students are urged throughout the class to obtain live-fire instruction in addition to the basic Handgun Safety Course, but live-fire is not required by Colorado law to acquire a permit.

Legal Requirements: 

This class satisfies the legal requirements for any and all permits issued in the state of Colorado (and many other states as well).

Certification Guarantee: 

Our Concealed Carry class satisfies the legal requirement set forth in Colorado law. This means every sheriff’s office in Colorado must accept our class, or we’ll sue them. Understand that some sheriff’s offices are trying to make their own law by adding requirements for live-fire, but state law simply doesn’t allow them to do that. Colorado law (C.R.S. 18-12-201.3) stops Sheriffs from implementing rules and/or actions that place a burden on the applicant beyond the law. 18-12-202.5(c) defines a “Handgun Training Class” as “A firearms safety course or class that is offered and taught by a certified instructor.” We offer a money-back guarantee that our training is valid under current Colorado law, and will be accepted by your sheriff.

Should Certification be Mandatory?

RMGO has long held the belief that training should be voluntary, not mandatory. No other group — none — can lay claim to opposing government-mandated training for concealed carry for the decade-long battle for concealed carry. In fact, we’ve been advocating for true freedom — a Vermont-style concealed carry law (if you can legally possess a firearm, you can carry, without a “big-brother-may-I”) — since the group’s inception, and will continue to push for it.

That doesn’t mean we are opposed to training. Anyone who owns a firearm should get as much quality training as they can possibly afford. We are, however, opposed to government-mandated training. One of the reasons we are conducting concealed carry classes is that we believe citizens already have to jump through too many hurdles to obtain a concealed handgun permit. Therefore, we offer the least onerous class the law will allow while still covering everything a citizen needs to know before acquiring a permit.